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CPC Pre-requisite

Certified Peer Counselor Pre-requisite

IMPORTANT!: The Certified Peer Counselor Modules have moved to a new system! If you are in the middle of your modules and cannot log in please email dakota.steel@wsu.edu for assistance. If you are taking this training to become WISe certified please follow this link: https://wisewc.com/training-center/. You are registering for the Washington State Certified Peer Counseling Online Training. After you take this training, you are NOT WISe certified. You will need to take WISe online training, CANS training and a two-day in-person WISe training that you can register for here: https://wisewc.com/training-center/

The online CPC prerequisite training includes material that is not covered in the 40-hour in-person training. The CPC test covers information from both the in-person and the online course. Please complete the online course thoroughly, take notes, and review the information as you are able.

*When you have completed the online course, please email a copy of your certificate to peersupportapps@hca.wa.gov. We must have a record of completing the course before confirming registration to any in-person class. This applies to the youth and family training and the standard, adult training.
*Please complete an online application which can be found at: https://www.hca.wa.gov/billers-providers-partners/behavioral-health-recovery/peer-support

*Please use the following link if you should have further questions pertaining to becoming a Certified Peer Counselor:peersupportapps@hca.wa.gov

We are currently offering the Certified Peer Counselor Training free of charge. No credit card information will be required during the check out process.
  • HCA Module 1 Recovery and Resiliency
  • HCA Module 2 Role of Peer Support
  • HCA Module 3 Self Advocacy
  • HCA Module 4 Structure of Behavioral Health Systems
  • HCA Module 5 Introduction to Culture
  • HCA Module 6 Movements
  • HCA Module 7 Ethics and Boundaries
  • HCA Module 8 Whole Health
  • HCA Module 9 Support in Challenging Times
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever